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Fishing Trips Punta Allen Mexico

Fishing Trips Punta Allen Mexico

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Fishing Lodge offers fishing trips in the area of sian kaan and the bay of ascension, Mexico. In the South of the Quintana Roo Sate. A of the most recognized areas in the world for Fly fishing. The hotel is lucky  to be located just in Ascension Bay side. The  fishermen that stays  in this hotel have the  convenience to be near  their boats and guides just minutes outside . With Permissions in Fishing in Sian Ka'an for bonefish, sábalo and róbalo which is world famous.

Eight hours of fishing per day is the regular program.  (except arrival and departure days) are included in your hotel  package, running normally from  8 a.m. to 4 pm when the light is best for spotting fish. Good flats fishing is just minutes from the fisherman  lodge. Depending on the species you are looking , the best spots are at ten minutes to one hour boat ride, You and your guide will arrive in  a promising area to wade for a specified period of time, while the other fisherman heads to a different With His guide spot to fish from the boat, possibly for tarpon in deeper water. The boat returns later with  you , alternating wading and boat fishing Fishing with the other team. Your package includes two anglers With Their guides staff in each boat , but you can Have your own boat for a half or full day if you like.

Tarpon fishing

Fly fishing for Tarpon its sport in the Yucatan during all year . Many fly fisherman come here to hone skills Their tarpon fishing Because of the number of shots and angler May Be able to get in one day. You will be set with the  techniques for tarpon fishing.

Bonefish fishing

The bonefishing in the Yucatan is good . The  bonefish cruise the flats feeding on crustaceans, shrimp and little fish. Do not believe the rumors that you 'can only find small bonefish in the Yucatan ... there are some big one fishes  here too and you will catch them  

Snoook fishing

Snook fishing is a specialized effort. Fly fisherman will typically be prepared for a day of snook fishing, targeting this species in the hidden lagoons and the backcountry waters surrounding Punta Allen. Although, snook can be found on the flats too. Enjoy a wonderful fishing day with the experts

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